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Concentrate Disinfectant 
(For U.S. only)    

Accel® Concentrate is being rebranded to PREempt® Concentrate. See attached change notification.

PREempt® Concentrate Disinfectant Solution works fast for large areas to ensure user, protocol and product compliance with fast contact times and broad-spectrum efficacy. The concentrated formula requires dilution and is cost effective for large surfaces.

PREempt® Concentrate utilizes AHP®, a patented synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide dramatically increase its potency and cleaning performance.

  • 5 Minutes Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal (1:16)
  • 3 minute Broad-Spectrum Sanitizing (1:128)
  • 30 second Broad-Spectrum Sanitizing (1:16)

Why choose PREempt?

Dilution Ratio:

  • 8 oz/gal (64ml/L) water – 1:16 ratio
  • 2 oz/gal (16 ml/L) water – 1:64 ratio
  • 1 oz/gal (8 ml/L) water – 1:128 ratio
  • 0.5 oz/gal (4 ml/L) water – 1:256 ratio


  • Ideal for labs and other cGMP facilities (meets USP 797)
  • PREempt Concentrate is cost effective for large clinical areas and surfaces
  • Not classified as dangerous goods – no special shipping required

PREempt Concentrate


PREempt Concentrate SDS Download

PREempt Concentrate In-Use Dilution SDS Download

Product (Sizes available) 4/1 Gallon Case
55 Gallon Drum
PREempt Concentrate






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