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  These two animations show how the Hydro Gap ™ Air Gap Eductor mixes water and chemicals to dilute concentrations while preventing against backflow.  
  Mixing Water and Chemicals:
1. incoming water stream is restricted by a nozzle;
2. the water stream crosses the air gap safety zone;
3. while the speed of the outgoing water is decreased by the inverted funnel shape at the bottom of the second venturi; this results in a vacuum in the middle, where the chemical is sucked into the water stream;
4. chemical flow is regulated by interchangeable metering tips;
5. water and chemical are thoroughly mixed as they leave the outlet.
Eductor animation  

Back Flow Animation


  Preventing Backflow of Chemicals:
1. water pressure is suddenly reduced from the water supply side.
2. the supply side water wants to return to the lower pressure; the air gap ensures that the incoming stream is broken and will begin sucking air into the supply line (depending on amount of back-fault pressure).
3. the chemical mixture may want to flow backward from some small static pressure from the output side; the back-flow is limited by the air gap; the attempt to flow past the second venturi in the reverse direction also lowers its venting pressure. The small amount of chemical mixture that may back-flow is vented to the open side of the air gap and does not contaminate the water supply.
Eductor back-flow animation  

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