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Cyclone ULV 2730 Fogger

Mixing Station Item #99150

A ULV sprayer generates fog droplets by using a high volume of air at low pressure. Such a system enables droplets of a more precise size to be generated. The absence of a large number of very small droplets will limit the penetration of the fog into highly obstructed areas.  The ultra precision metering valve assures particles under 20 microns regardless of flow rate and viscosity of material.
3-Wire Timer


3-Wire Timer - Model # 99056

The 99055 Turntable permeates a full area radius by continuously revolving. This insures penetration into every corner and crevice. Used with the 99056 timer, the rotation of the turntable automatically shuts off within your prescribed time. Rugged aluminum construction.

The 3-wire timer improves labor effiency by precisely controlling application time.
Shuts off after 0-60 minutes, per your setting. 15 amps 125 Volts AC. U.L. approved. CSA Listed.
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