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PRL High Volume Proportioner

High Volume Proportioner

Pharmacal's High Volume Proportioner can apply diluted solutions with minimal water pressure loss. This stainless steel unit is wall mounted and will provide a high pressure wash and rinse with the simple turn of a ball valve. Ideally suited for runs and fixed cages where water pressure is a must for proper cleaning.


Item# 99192



HydroChem 918/919


HydroChems can apply diluted solution in a foaming or spraying mode, depending on the chemical and hose attachment used to apply it. Models for applying one or two products are available, both providing high volume rinse capability. The wash/rinse/sanitize capability of the two-product system is great for dog and pig runs or other large animal housing.


HydroChem 918 - Item# 99101
HydroChem 919 - Item# 99102


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Hydro208 HydroMaster drum or wall mounted proportioners automatically mix liquid concentrates with water and dispense the diluted solution into any large container (auto scrubber, bucket, buddy jugs, etc.) 
    Item # 99103  


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Hydro Streamline 

(Push Button Proportioners)

  Hydro’s Push Button Proportioners represent the latest in chemical management systems, automatically diluting solutions into spray bottles, mop buckets, auto scrubbers or other containers simply at the touch of a button. These units eliminate manual mixing, so technician preparation time is drastically reduced. 
Hydro 835



HydroPump dispenses liquid into buckets, sinks or other reservoirs without lifting or tipping the container of concentrate. It facilitates dilution by delivering 30cc (1 oz., 3/4 oz., or 1/2 oz.) of concentrate each time it's pushed. HydroPump works with water-thin or viscous products. Ideal for manual warewashing or in janitors closets for filling mop buckets.



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